Am Kennedy Prosper: Am a Nigerian Blogger with difference: I have built many successful Blogs for myself and for others and i do render many services online which am very sure you might be in need of one. How may i help you?

My Services

  • If you want a fully verified PayPal account to send and receive payments worldwide without limitations, You can check out here

  • I can show you how to Withdraw your PayPal money Directly to your Nigeria Bank account. It work for every type of PayPal. Check out here

  • I can Teach you practically how to start mini importation business in Nigeria with as low as 10,000Naira and earn good profit Check out here

  • I can help you build 50 Quality Profile BackLinks from authority Domain Names: Delivery -2days (cool Rate)

  • I can help You pick a lucrative blogging niche and setup a cool blog based on the selective niche at cool rate

  • I can help you grow your blog for six months them handle over back to you based on solid arrangement (i will nurture the blog like mine during this period)

  • I can help you write outstanding, well research and traffic driving articles based on your blogging niche (cool rate)

  • I can help you setup any blog of your choice based on your desired niche and also get AdSense approved then handle over your site to you (at cool rate- AdSense Lovers)

  • Is your Facebook Ads account flagged? Are you finding it difficult to advertise on Facebook because of inability to pay? I do sell Facebook Accounts which enables you to pay in naira using your Nigeria ATM cards of any Bank (cool rate)

  • Did you want to boost your facebook page? , Did you want to grow your business by reaching more targeted audience via Facebook adverts? I can help you advertise on Facebook: Place your campaign based on your location and targeting: You will only pay little charges for my services

  • Did you need CVV for PayPal verification? I can give you cvv for instant PayPal verification (cheap rate)

  • Did you Need USA Phone number for making and receiving calls and for online verification? i can help you get permanent working USA phone number at cheap rate (it also work for WhatsApp verification)

  • Is your PayPal account permanently limited?, I can help you withdraw your funds after 180days

  • Did you want to make payment online on any international or local online store but facing Card issues? You can reach out to me

  • SEO SEO SEO: I can teach you how to rank your blog on Googles front page and the easy hack to build backlinks that counts…. Pm me

What you want might not be listed above but you can contact me to see if i skipped it. Am always at your service sir/ma.

Person Blogs:

Below are some of my personal blogs where you can find help.

PayPal Nigeria This blog help solve PayPal related issues, You can buy and sell your PayPal funds as well and you will learn everything you need to know about PayPal online payment gateway

Blogsng Ng When you have blogging Related issues, When you want to learn blogging, when you face difficulties in growing your existing blog, When you want to learn how to make money online you can check out Blogsng.

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